Spring Dance Concert to Feature Student Choreography

The Department of Dance will present their annual Spring Dance Concert, directed by Jennifer Backhaus, May 9-12 in the Waltmar Theatre.  The concert will feature 11 fully-produced works of choreography by dance majors. The choreographers have been exploring a variety of themes during a semester-long rehearsal process.  Dances investigating competition, isolation, conspiracy, conformity and self-image will be presented alongside work dealing with interpersonal relationships. Also included in the program are pieces exploring the ebb and flow of movement and the excitement of virtuosic contemporary ballet technique.

Says Monica Mordaunt (’12), whose piece is titled “Cornered”, “This year I am challenging myself as a choreographer by working out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to explore new movement patterns.  This being my third time choreographing in the spring concerts I have a sense of what works and what doesn’t, and I knew starting off this project I didn’t want to play it safe.  I have this amazing amount of time and resources, therefore I wanted to approach this year as a big learning experience for myself and my dancers.  Working in a collaborative sense I am asking my dancers to push themselves artistically and creatively to produce something organic and bold.”

Tickets to the Spring Dance Concert may be purchased by calling 714-997-6812 or visiting http://www.chapman.edu/copa.